Blog Topics – 6 Simple Ways To Choose The Right category for Blog

Blog Topics – 6 Simple Ways To Choose The Right category for Blog

Blogging is a powerful marketing tool that can attract millions of people to your site and help them convince that they need xyz (insert your product) only for you. In fact Conversion is not the only things that blogs can help you achieve although that is the goal. Other things that blogs can help you do include attract your kind of audience, help the amplification of your business via the sharing of your blog posts by your audience, a high rank in search engines; help in inspiring trust and loyalty among your audience and give you a platform to voice your opinion.

So if a simple blog can help you do that much, choosing the wrong topic can pretty much toll the death knell of it and can in fact alienate your audience from you. Now the million dollar question is – how do you select the right topic for your blogs? Below, we will present to you six ways that can help you select the topics with the maximum reach.

1. Choose that topic which addresses unanswered questions that pertain to your field

Remember that your audience always wants to, which means that they will always have questions to ask. So a good starting point will be reading the comments that your readers leave on other blog posts that have been previously uploaded on your website. Other ways you can come up with such topics include conducting a survey among your readers, finding out interviews, meetings or emails, through conversations or via a keyword search. If you make a combination of these methods, you could come up with quite a few awesome topics that your readers will appreciate. However, make sure that you have enough material to answer the question accurately.

2. Choose a topic that helps in flaunting the unique assets you possess

This unique asset you possess could be anything – from data and insights to narratives and stories. The point is to use it to your advantage. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to come up with meaningful content for your blog posts. So say for example, if you have some very interesting data up your sleeve, you could perform a keyword research and find out if people are already looking for that data. However, to truly impress all your readers, including that finicky one, make sure you different methodologies to concretize the data you intend to present. To do this you can conduct interviews, rely on crowd sourcing, and carry out qualitative and quantitative research. You could also make your blog more interesting by adding videos to it.

3. Choose a topic that gives you the opportunity to present a personal experience

What is the best way to rouse emotions in the hearts and minds of your audience? to tell your story. That’s right. The sharing of your personal experiences can help you establish a bond with your readers. The key thing here is that your story should have relevance and that it should reveal your passionate or deeply emotional side. For example, you could even use a daily life occurrence, like a bus commute, and turn it into a compelling story with a click-bait headline. You could draw engaging ideas from your travel experiences, pictures, journals and general conversations.

4. Choose a topic that is trending in your field or in the news

The best part about choosing such a topic is that helps you get a lot of traction. Since you will be writing about something that’s already being discussed among people, you will able to target a much wider audience base than you can in any other way. For example, if you write an article discussing what two other bloggers spoke of on their respective blogs in the previous, you will not only catch the interest of your readers but even the readers of the bloggers you are writing about. Now that’s like striking two birds with one arrow. You can really make use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to come up with interesting blog content.

5. Choose a topic that is purely based on keyword research

Whether you choose Google AdWords or Moz’s Keyword Explorer or an entirely different keyword search tool is totally your call as long as you make use of one. Researching on keywords related to your field can help you realize what your audience is searching most for, which you can consequently use to create content for your blogs. This is probably the easiest way on the list.

6. Choose other topics that your readers care about

Your blogs should not be entirely centered on the product or service you are trying to sell. Sometimes, it’s good to write solely about what your readers are interested so that they do not stop reading your blogs once their purpose is served. Remember that customer loyalty is very important when running a business.

The key here would be to mix and match the above six ways so that you can come up with innovative blog topics each time that are fresh and can help you build a strong connection with your audience. So go ahead and try out one of these ways for yourself and watch your blog readership go up.