9 Powerful Tips that will help you Succeed in Instagram Marketing

9 Powerful Tips that will help you Succeed in Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a unique social networking platform in comparison to Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+ and more. Instagram is about posting the real time photos related to work life, personal life or business. It is similar to telling a story in photograph. In simple words, photographs on Instagram are worth 1000 words, so what your photographs say about your brand, personality or business in these 1000 words.


Here in this article you will get to know about the tips that are going to help you succeed in Instagram marketing.


Create a dynamite Bio

It is important to write a quality bio as first impression is the last impression and people want to know about you before they will follow you. Try to write a bio that includes your interests and reflects what you do. You can also use emoticons for extra flare. Ensure that your bio is of high quality and don’t forget to include link or your website address of your choice. Bio is a valuable asset for your message, so make it clear and compelling.


Understand your audience

Know about your audience, who are they, what age group they are of, what do they crave, what are their problems, what keeps them up at night. This is something you want to know inside and out. The easy way to do this is to look at their profiles and learn more about them.


Post high quality and wide variety of photos

Use the variety of photos from your life that reflects many aspects of who you are and what you do. Take time to create your photos and use photography staging. Posting clear and high quality photos is just like selling a property or room. A property that is clean and stylish would be sell more as compared to the property that is cluttered. Therefore, similarly it is important to have clear photos on Instagram that attract the people.


Don’t make your Instagram profile as Facebook

Instagram is entirely different from Facebook. It is about posting the real time photos that are real, genuine and authentic. So, don’t copy your Facebook approach to Instagram as it is a next hot thing in social media marketing. This Facebook approach will not work and will make you look like that you don’t have any idea for what you are doing.


Use Hashtags

Know the top 20 hashtags related to your business and use them wisely . Try to use 5 to 7 hashtags in a post. Get creative and have fun with them. Use some of the popular ones and create some of your own. This will help more people in finding you.


Measure your progress

You can measure your progress with Iconosquare. It will help you in getting a short report about your business performance on Instagram. It will provide you the information like: number of likes received, your average number of likes, comments per photo, most liked photos, comments per photo.


Respond to your audience

No one likes to be ignored, so, remember to engage back, if someone comment or engage with you. Every person likes to get importance.


Follow the big brands

Model your success by following the big brands in order to gain ideas on how to showcase yourself on Instagram. Choose the big brands from your industry and even the brands that have nothing to do with your business. This will provide you the ideas to get more creative.


Have great fun

Enjoy and have fun along with getting success. Relax and enjoy the process of sharing your business in photos. It is really a great fun and can be addicting.


Conclusion: If you want to grow your business, use Instagram along with other social networking platforms. It is one of the latest social networking platforms that is to be used by every business and is getting popular among various people, these days.