Benefits of Moving from Shared hosting to VPS hosting

Benefits of Moving from Shared hosting to VPS hosting

This is a very common question asked again and again that why and when should someone switch from shared hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting. So, we have decided to write an article on the same wherein one will get to know the benefits of VPS hosting and the differences between a shared hosting and VPS hosting.


At the initial stage, most website owners and small businesses find themselves comfortable with the shared hosting server as they only have to fulfill their basic needs. In this stage, shared hosting is one of the perfect solutions for such small websites and businesses with fewer budgets. But when these small businesses outgrow, it becomes necessary to switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting as it is an ideal hosting for small and medium-sized business.


Now we will discuss the issues as well as the indicators that it may be the time to upgrade and how a managed VPS can solve these issues:


Dedicated IP address and Private Email Server
In a shared web hosting environment all the websites are on the same web server and the same email server. This shared server has to manage lots of domain and emails which can result in being less reliable and you may face the problems when sending and receiving the emails. In a VPS hosting, the business o company will have its own separate IP address and email will be more reliable.


Dedicated resources
In VPS hosting, you are allocated a certain amount of resources that are dedicated to your needs only. Others on the same server are given their own share of resources. The benefit here is that if the others are not using their resources, then your website is able to tap into them and utilize their resources. With dedicated resources, your server is able to maintain a minimum and utilize more power when needed and if it is available.


Separate Operating system and software
A shared hosting server uses the same operating system and software for hundreds and thousands of websites on the same server. The result is the increased possibility for many things to go wrong as thousands of websites are pleased by a single server. In VPS hosting, you completely have a separate operating system that caters your website needs only. The benefit is less downtime and more reliable.


With VPS hosting you are able to customize the system as per your website requirements. You can make the changes such as a program or script that needs to run a certain way and these changes you can’t make in shared hosting. In VPS Hosting, you can easily customize and adjust in any way you want for your business success.


Conclusion: Upgrading from shared hosting to VPS Hosting is something that every business owner whether small or medium sized will experience and at that time they will definitely appreciate the benefits of VPS Hosting.