Why Cloud Hosting over Traditional Hosting?

Why Cloud Hosting over Traditional Hosting?

Moving to the cloud is a buzzword and is gaining importance day by day. Let’s try to understand via this post why everyone is moving to the cloud.



In simple words, moving to the cloud is basically migrating the data, applications, email or software to cloud hosting server which is accessible from anywhere across the globe.
For instance, there are many examples of cloud applications in our daily lives- Google drive, reading books on Kindle paperwhite and listening to the tunes that are on your computer at your home through your cell phone. Cloud is helpful in the way that it enables you to make your applications accessible anywhere, making our daily lives more convenient and this can do wonders to your business.


Why your business requires to move to the cloud?
• To meet the hosting needs of the customers
• To provide simple solutions and more advanced hosting platforms for the growing business requirements.
• To counter the traditional hosting limitations that have been discussed below.


Why go for cloud hosting over traditional hosting?
Cloud Hosting provides the gamut of benefits that includes but is not limited to:


Increased server uptime

Server uptime is directly proportional to your website performance. Cloud Hosting is such a hosting that provides maximum network uptime without any failure. Since it is a system of interconnected servers, so if at any point of time, one server is not able to take your request then, it gets transferred to the other server and complete your request by taking the workload of the failed server by default.
However, in traditional hosting, there is a single server, which raises the maximum risks of failure and downtime for your website and applications.


Pay only for the resources that you need

In the cloud Hosting, you don’t have to invest anything in its infrastructure or opex, and you just need to pay only for the resources or services which you actually use.
However, in traditional hosting, you need to pay a fixed amount of for the services, whether you use it or not.


Increased level of Security

Cloud hosting comes with such an infrastructure that secures your data at various levels- network, application, data and physical security. The cloud hosting service providers ensures the safety of data through customer’s identity management, secure and encrypted solutions, proper data isolation, storage segregation, firewalls and backup recoveries.
However, in traditional hosting, you use to share the resources and CPU needs with other websites on the same server or you need to maintain the private dedicated server in order to secure the sensitive information that costs too high.


Resources scalability

Cloud Hosting makes it easy to allocate the resources instantaneously according to the emerging needs of the website. A cloud hosting setup allows you to add or reduce the resources such as storage, RAM, Bandwidth etc. From the resources maintained by a network of multiple servers.
However, in traditional hosting, the physical machine has limited resources and rigid specifications. So the resources cannot be added or reduced instantly because of the rigid specifications.


Location Independence

Cloud Hosting servers are available across the world and are accessible globally via an internet connection and with any device – PC or mobile.
However, the traditional hosting servers are confined to the limited or fixed place and therefore, you have to be very specific when choosing your server as the location of the server plays a significant role in loading speed of the website.


Team Collaboration

Cloud hosting enables you to access anywhere, anytime on the go. Employees of an organisation at a different location can work on the same documents and can share the documents as well as applications. For instance, you can access the data from home or even if you are on the tour with the office -365 ( a business productivity suite), enables you to do the work faster and more smartly while offering you the flexibility in your work practices.
However, you can’t enjoy this team collaboration feature in traditional hosting.


Disaster recovery & Backup

Cloud Hosting provides you the disaster recovery as your data is automatically backed up in the interconnected server.
However, in the traditional hosting disaster recovery is not there as there is only a single server where you can host your data and applications. So you need to arrange the backup of your data yourself.


Latest Technology

Cloud hosting enables you to customize and integrate your applications according to the needs and preferences of your business. This incudes latest versions of software and computer processing power and server up gradation.
However, in traditional hosting, you cannot customize and upgrade automatically.


Environmental Friendly

Cloud servers are used to the fullest that minimizes the idle time and saves the energy of both environment and company. This hosting eliminates the need of maintaining in-house servers and reduce carbon emissions.



The website hosted in cloud environment performs better than a traditional server set up. Cloud hosting is the best choice for those who are looking for the features like resource allocation, disaster recovery plans, energy saving and climate friendly server set up.


Conclusion: All these key points about cloud hosting listed above gives you a clear vision, why cloud hosting is better than traditional Hosting. In this digital age, cloud hosting is considered to be the affordable and best solution as compared to the other hostings.(depending on your business needs)