What is Deviating your Customers Away from your Website?

What is Deviating your Customers Away from your Website?

You have entered into the digital world with a new business website. After creating and launching the website, you pushed it for a month, but after a month or more, you suddenly noticed that it’s not attracting customers as expected. It is not that everytime your brand or services are not right, there may be issues with the way you presented it online. The story is little simple that your website needs a little more lift.


Here are the reasons why your website is deviating the customers. Keep checking out these elements from time to time that drives the customers away.


Cluttered home page

It is one of the most important assets of your website as it shows the essential information about your business. Since a visitors first reaches and view your home page, so ensure that it is organised with the right information at the right place. A disorganised home page annoys your audience and drives them away from your home page. You should organise your home page in such a way that it is visually comfortable and simple for the visitors to explore.


A fallacious navigation

There are lots of ways to display the menu on your website, but basically it should be placed on top of the home page. The titles and the content should be represented clearly on the home page so that it does not make any confusion in the mind of the visitors. They should easily come to know how to explore or navigate the whole website and move from one page to another. If the visitor will not get the path to move on your website, he/she will leave the website and switch over too the other website.


Missing Social Media buttons

Missing the social media buttons on your website could be fatal as these social media buttons help your visitors to share the information and also you can engage with your target audience on these social media platforms. So, ensure that every page of your website has social icons like Twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn etc.


Lost Calls to Action

You may notice the higher bounce rate, despite having a great experience on your website. The reason behind this may be improper placement of the call to action buttons. By placing the suitable calls to action, you can help and guide them where to move next. So put a big, attractive and visible call to action buttons such as click here, call us or subscribe to the news letter.


Mobile Unresponsive

Now a days, everyone owns a smartphone and use their phones to browse the internet. Gone are the days when people use to open their laptops or sit on their desktops to shop online. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, make it mobile responsive as you are losing more than half of your customers.


Conclusion: All these factors may make your visitors scary and drive them away from your website. Therefore, I will suggest a quick website audit, to know where your website is lacking and improve those areas in order to turn those scary people into potential clients and leading to boost in traffic and conversions.