Double your business success with Instagram

Double your business success with Instagram

Marketing on Instagram is a hype these days. Instagram is such a social networking platform that can provide high return on investment and help you gain a brand exposure as well as recognition.


It is an easy to use Photo sharing app and is experimenting with video ads with some of the global advertisers. Of course that ads or videos are marked as “sponsored”. Initially it will optimize the ads for reach objective, but you can expect more objectives when this new ad format gets launched.


Pondering how to begin and rock on the Instagram? Then this article is definitely designed for you. Instagram tells the wonderful stories in the form of images. It is a quick look into your personal or business world that can lead to new friends, better relationships and outstanding business connections.


Let’s go into depth of Instagram for your business and know, how to excel on Instagram:


Create your profile on Instagram

Use the same and clear avatar or icon that you use on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. It will make easy for people to know or recognize you on all the social media platforms with the same avatar or image.
• Use the same name as on Twitter so that the people can tag you easily.
• Make use of keywords in your biography for more definite and easy searchability
• Use colorful emoji and fun calls to action
• To track your traffic on Instagram, make use of BITLY and customize it.


Create a solid hashtag strategy on Instagram

Creating a strong strategy for hash tags on Instagrams will allow you to attract the ideal clients.
• 30 hashtags in one post are allowed
• You can add few in your original post and other in comments
• To save hashtag groups by topic, make use of EVERNOTE or you can use Notes on an iPhone.
• Consistently add hashtags.
• Its worth to devote time to create/build your own hashtag strategy. This saves time and assists in maintaining consistency.
• If you work in more than one niche, you need to create separate accounts.
• Don’t do random hash-tagging. Be fixed and targeted in your own niche.
• Change your hashtag groups in the comments and refresh your Instagram posts
• Create hashtag that builds centre of activity for your content.


Boost your engagement

Create value in your niche and develop true and genuine relationships with your clients.
• Delete spammy or unworthy comments
• Send notifications to people by tagging them in photos
• Create a simple way for the audience or people to follow with your hash tags
• Make it simple for the people to find or search you
• To search new people, check out the industry relevant hashtags
• Make your Instagram account public not private, as you cannot achieve success on Instagram with private account.
• To like the post, double tap it and show your appreciation.


Use Geo-tagging on Instagram

Geo-tagging refers to saving the geographical identification of your current location along with your photo. This data is extracted by GPS in your phone and can be accessed by Instagram if you grant permission.
This makes it easy for the people to find you. Geo tagging is important if you have your business at physical location. It is especially beneficial for small businesses.


Make use of CTA (Call To Action)

A call to action refers to a text that attracts the audience to take action like buy, purchase or what to do next. Here are the ways, you can add call to action on Instagram:
• “For more information”, click the link in my bio.
• “Connect to learn more for What you see here”
• Contact me to learn more….
• For a sneak peek of my new products, click the link in the bio

Every post should include a call to action (CTA), but remember it should not be pushy, it should just be an offer you are putting out there. You will not be able to connect, if you don’t say. Let people know how they can connect to you easily.


Wrapping Up

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram is now moving aggressively into video. Instagram is now dominating and create an occasion to play big and right now to get strong presence and boost traffic or grab more audience.