Guide for Ecommerce Marketers to Improve Search Rankings

Guide for Ecommerce Marketers to Improve Search Rankings

There is always a debate going on regarding the relevance of SEO for online business, so every online business owner needs to focus on those SEO techniques that are significant.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a deep ocean, but here are some of the core areas where you can take the action to improve your organic search visibility.


Create unique and optimized descriptions: Don’t use the default product descriptions generated by the manufacturers. Though this makes the process of content management simpler but it is considered as duplicate content and this duplicate content makes it next to possible to improve search rankings for both product and category pages.


Increase your business visibility by writing unique product descriptions that are optimized for the keywords related to each product. Make sure to include the benefit statements, this will help in conversions of visitors to customers.


Image optimization: Images and photos of your ecommerce website should be optimized with targeted keyword. Keywords should be specific to product name, make or model number.


Image optimization includes the file name, image name and alt tag associated with image. Depending on the design and structure of your ecommerce site, you might consider optimizing the brief image descriptions for each product photo. Such actions can help your images appear in relevant image searches that can drive traffic to your product pages.


Create unique content in different formats: Content Marketing is considered to be one of the most reliable ways to build organic traffic for all types of online businesses. But it cannot be a simple content, in order to gain more traffic and get the readers into the funnel you need to provide a significant and valuable content. Here are the few ways in which you can leverage the content everywhere to build visibility and gain referral traffic:


1. Use video on your websites and product pages and also host those videos on You Tube and VIMEO.
2. Create photos with content that you can share on social platforms or on PINTEREST.
3. Do guest blogging and then promote your content to increase referral traffic and social reach.
4. Get content from audience in form of videos, testimonials, products in use pictures to improve trust and will acts as a proof for society.


Ensure your website is Mobile friendly: In 2016, Google released an update that mobile friendly websites boost in search engines. The websites that are not optimized for mobiles have a significant drop in search visibility. The mobile website not only impact the search visibility but also reduces your revenue amount.


Conclusion: All these above points will help you improve your search rankings and drive more traffic on your e-commerce site, consequently leads to more conversions and revenue.