SEO Tips for Small Business in 2017

SEO Tips for Small Business in 2017

There are numerous methods or techniques to market the small business online. If you want that your market plan would work for 2017 and result in an effective growth of your business, then this article would help you as it will let you know the easy and latest trends, tools and methods to promote your business online in 2017.


Follow these SEO tips to give your website a va-voom and transfer your website from wasteland to Fruitland.


1. Revisit the existing content

The rise of Content marketing has resulted in lots of content that is very disappointing.This opens up a great opportunity for smart businesses who take time to make the old existing content better. Check for the content that is already driving traffic to your website and if possible check for the keywords that are driving traffic to that particular page and where you rank. To check what keywords are driving traffic to the page, you can use Google’s Search Console. Besides this, you can use the tools like “Answer the public” and “Google Trends” to explore the keywords that are relevant to your user. It includes questions like what is, how does etc. Answering these questions will not only pack out your content but also offers the real value to your user. To see the effective and fast results, include strong imagery, videos, and other media rich content.
However, all others are busy in creating new content, and you will be building on your existing content and making it more strong, resulting in more relevant results and a more informative content, therefore the more relevant search results for search engines to display.


2. Promote your business locally

There are many businesses that fail to register or claim their businesses online and these businesses lose the opportunities to rank locally. Check whether your business is available on the map, using free local listing checker from Moz or any other such tool available online.
Make sure that you claim your listings and each of your profile is upto the date and the information displayed is consistent. Add photos, brochures and opening times to each of your profile.
This would help the search engines to know that you are a real business and it can help you to establish your core products and services and you will get the improved visibility.


3. Beautiful images, powerful positions

Link building is quite hard and a time-consuming process and does not always end in positive results. One of the easy tip to make the link building effective is to focus on creating strong images for your content, in order to make your content more useful and strong.
Upload your image and make a reverse image search using Google Image Search to find out the users of that image. As the owner and creator of these images, you can contact these websites and ask them a credit link is used in exchange for this image to be used. Most of the people will agree quickly as that image is already adding value and it takes lots of efforts to create the image from scratch.


4. Optimize for voice search

With the rapid increase in mobile searches, there is no excuse to ignore it. Research has shown that we are getting more smartphones savvy to find any kind of information. Most of us are using virtual assistants like Google Now, Cortana and Siri to find the information we need.
When we search via voice, it is being noticed that we use more words when searching for the things by voice. This is because we speak in the conversational tone as compared to shortened keyword search(what we do while typing).
For instance, we type “Indian Restaurant Singapore” as a keyword when searching, but when using voice search we are more likely to speak “ What are the best Indian Restaurants in Singapore?”
By answering these frequently asked questions for your users will help you to drive extra traffic or boost traffic.


5. Monitor your speed

Most of the small business website owners are not aware of the page speed. These page speed whether fast or slow affects not only the users but also your rankings. Google has announced page speed as a ranking signal and now you can measure your page speed using a free tool by Google “PageSpeed”. Using this tool you can know how fast and slow your page speed is and can take the necessary actions to improve it.


Here are some of the actions or steps that you can take to fasten or increase your page speed:
• Optimize the images for web via various software’s like photoshop, Pixlr etc. It compresses the image without affecting the quality.
• Don’t upload the images directly to your website as there are many cameras that take photos around 3 to 5 MB and uploading it directly to your website can slow down its speed considerably.
• Remove the plugins that are not of any use from your WordPress blog or website.
The audience expects a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less, so to provide the better experience to your audience than your competitors, make your website load faster by implementing the various techniques to load your website fast.


Conclusion: These trends will make the small businesses more successful in 2017. Make sure every small business owner optimize his business website using various Search Engine Optimization tips.