Why Social Media is an Absolute Must for Every Business in  2017?

Why Social Media is an Absolute Must for Every Business in 2017?

Social media is an extremely powerful marketing avenue when utilized correctly, and those businesses who have already invested in it can support it.
There are business owners who are aware that they need to be active on social media but they are not sure, what it can do for them and their business. Social Media has now become a necessity for businesses, its not a luxury but it’s definite.


Here are the reasons why your business needs social media marketing:


Social Media drives traffic to your website

Adding any new page to your website is similar to taking a great selfie. And you don’t need to beg anyone for attention, but you want the world to see it. This is the reason why selfies and landing pages that are well placed on social media are seen by most of the people, i.e. it drives a lot of visitors to your page and this number increases slowly and gradually.


Social media helps you to boost your website’s SEO

It is very much known to search engine crawlers that which of your pages are driving more traffic and which are not. Driving traffic to your optimized pages on Social media allows you to earn top spots in search engine rankings.


Users are interested in your messages

People considers Facebook and Twitter as social networks, not marketing machines. So they don’t see your posts as advertisements but likes to hear what you want to say. This brings traffic to your website and posts are marketed by themselves as your friends and followers share what you have posted.


Social media advertisements allow targeting and re-targeting

Social media networking sites are important because of customizable nature of social ads. For instance, Facebook ads allow you to target users by things such as location, education level, purchase history and pages they have liked. You can also install Facebook Pixel on your website that would help you to re-target the users who visit you- this would help you to get solid leads and increase your sales.


Social media helps in creating the brand by responding to the problems immediately

If you want to know about the issues or problems with your products and services. With the feedback on social media networks, you will get to know about the problems that your customers are facing and you can take the action to solve them right away.


Build brand loyalty with a strong social media presence

When you are engaging and interacting on social media platforms, you become less like a company and more like what you truly are i.e. A group of people who share their vision.


Social media is king when it comes to news jacking

There are many social media sites that give you a front row seat to advertising like Facebook, twitter, and your advertisement becomes viral and your ad will get a major attention and this is something that you can’t even get from a traditional ad campaign.


You can find the customers that you even didn’t know they exist

If you set up the streams to follow on Twitter, you can find the people who are looking for the products you sell and direct them to your site. Twitter is one of the great ways to market your products i.e. it lets you bring people to your website in just an @ way.


Social Media offers you an unbeatable ROI

If you handle your own social media management campaign, then it is cheap and would give you 100% results in form of boosting traffic on your website. If you want to boost traffic and get higher ROI then you just need to interact with people on social media sites by posting the quality and right content on social networking sites.


Conclusion: Social media has become very important for all businesses to create their brand by representing yourself across all channels. You need to interact and engage with the audience, followers in making your presence strong on social media sites and driving traffic to your website