Web Development Trends for 2017

Web Development Trends for 2017

The year 2017 has already come to an end and this article would show you our take on the year 2017 especially in the web development. Like Every year, this year is also promising for web developers with upcoming frameworks, powerful development tools and evolving technologies.


Here are the trends of web development 2017:


Motion UI or Motion User Interface: Motion UI is widely used for creating animations and transitions quickly. It is simpler to make apps transitions look flawless and rich with predefined motions. Motion UI has become one of the most preferred libraries by developers and this emerging trend of motion UI will sure to stay for next few years.


New responsive Design: New responsive website design is not only limited to mobile first or mobile responsiveness but should also be created for the plethora of other devices, screens and other integrated wearable gadgets like Google Glass apple watch and oculus Rift. Semantic UI is a new design framework that continues to be in demand.


Browser based IDE’s: now a majority of people are using a cloud-based version of IDE’s as they are fast, accessible and have a huge community behind them.


Full-screen navigation Design: Full-screen navigation design is a feature that improves the end-user experience on mobile devices. For instance, a user is browsing your website and want to fill the registration form, so as soon as a user clicks on the registration form, it should appear in full-screen mode, so that the user can fill it easily and in a natural way. Today, more and more web developers are developing websites for full-screen navigation designs and this trend will continue.


Real time everything: There are apps that work in real time and real time analytics is finding its implementation in both upcoming mobile apps and desktops. In the same way, live streaming in social media will also get important specially in apps like Periscope and Meerkat. Real-time is just about to break out in an online market.


Use of containers will be huge: After the introduction of Docker, web development world saw lots of changes and actions. Docker is basically a container service that enables to develop software faster even in an isolated environment. This means that developers can build, test, and run an app faster. So in the rest of the year and upcoming year, Docker will continue to develop, add features and gain security.


Advertisements blocking on websites: Now websites are doing their best to block the advertisements on websites. Instead of these advertisements, business websites will come up with other innovative strategies or techniques to show advertisements to users.


Security specially for mobiles: Mobile is becoming more & more preferred source to browse the internet and this can have its own downsides. Developers should be aware of secured programming and should develop the apps or websites because people look for the most convenient way to browse without paying much attention to security settings like anti-phishing etc.


There is a lot to come:
Looking at all these trends, it is clear that web developers are out to make the web development process simpler and easier. This enables the developers to save their time from day to day workflow and will be able to focus on new technologies that improve user experience of web browsing.