How Website Design Helps You to Increase Sales?

How Website Design Helps You to Increase Sales?

Most of the people think Website Design is about creating an attractive and beautiful looking website. This is true to some extent but there are many other factors which need to be kept in mind like the visually attractive website should also be user-friendly, search engine friendly and must be designed to sell. There are numerous factors that are to be considered when building a quality website i.e. pleasing to eyes as well as help you to make money.
So, before designing or redesigning your website, this article explores the factors that will help you to make an informed decision of choosing a quality website design company and consequently creating an attractive profit producing website.


Is your template website hurting your website Design?


Many people set up a WordPress blog or choose to do it yourself website design template type of site.These templates are easy to use and affordable but at the same time, they may do more harm than good. Of course, affordability and easiness are the primary benefits of template design website but its disadvantages outweigh the advantages of template website design. Some of the disadvantages are:



One you choose the template, you can guarantee that there are many other people with the same exact template and having the same template is not a good branding strategy. One should have such a website design that is unique and fits the culture of your business. This is a reason, why it is important to have a custom website design that makes you unique from your competitors.


Technical problems

An effective website involves backend coding like HTML, Sitemaps, SEO, Javascript, CSS, sitemaps and more which makes it simple to apply any changes in the website. But when template design is used, making the changes in coding is quite difficult or may be impossible. That is why it becomes essential to hire a website design company to design your website in such a way that is easy to manage and update.


No responsive designs and customization

Today, a majority of people browse the internet on their mobiles and tablets, so for it, your website must be customized for all devices and template designed website is not customized site. When you hire a website design company to design your website, you can be assured that they will create the different versions of your website suitable for all devices and consequently will not lose your potential customers.


Does your Website Design Company have knowledge about SEO?


For years, there are Website Design Companies that are totally clueless about SEO and have been creating an expensive and attractive website that can’t be found in search engines. So when choosing a website design company, make sure, it is having the knowledge of SEO. If you are a newbie in website design or Seo, then SEO is a process to increase the visibility of your website in search engines. Many people think that SEO is just as simple as placing keywords in special locations of their website but it is much more than that. A good website design company knows all the fundamentals of SEO from basic to advance level, hence creating a search Engine friendly website. Below are some of the SEO aspects that should not be ignored:



There are certain tags in SEO that helps the search engines identify what the website is about. These tags are H1, H2 and H3. All these tags are important as search engines consider these tags to identify what each web page of your website is about. A good website Design company will understand the importance of these tags and implement while creating a website.


CSS/Flash and Java

There are numerous barriers that make it difficult for search engines to crawl your website. A good website Design company will know how to get out of these barriers, hence creating your website fully functional and easy to navigate for both search engines and human visitors.


Internal Linking

A great navigation or internal linking structure on your website makes your website easy to navigate both for human visitors and search engines. A quality website design company helps you to have a valuable content on your website by implementing a great navigation strategy.


These are only a few SEO factors that affect the website design and there are many more such factors.


There is no need to know all the factors that affect website design, as web designers are there for it. You just need an effective website strategy that should include certain elements that help your website be a success in the online market. In a Nutshell, some of the effective website design strategy includes:
• User-friendly website
• Easy to manage website
• Good return on investment
• Responsive website design
• Search Engine Friendly


Conclusion: There are many factors that are considered for a quality website design, there is no one size that fits all. Therefore, it is important to hire a website design firm that can create a customized strategy based on individual needs.